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Under your bed ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
When I was nine and three quarters years old, I got a toaster. The toaster did not like me, so it fatally stabbed me in the stomach. However, I said "no" to mr.Death and I did not die, so I threw the toaster into the trash can where it sat for 3 minutes. But I guess the toaster did not like the trash can, so it attempted to assault me again but some guy crashed through my window and punched the toaster, which fell into a conveniently placed bottomless pit. Although it may have seemed that my struggles have gone away, that was not the case. It turned out that the guy who punched the "toaster" was actually the toaster and the toaster he punched was an illusion. But then I just remembered that I had not recovered from my fatal injuries and there was a large pool of blood in the kitchen. Since my mother was going to arrive home soon and would not like such a mess to have appeared in the kitchen, I hurried to clean the mess up, forgetting about the toaster. the toaster got mad that because I didn't notice it, so the toaster punched me in the face, but then realized that I had no face so the toaster, in shock, ran away from me. But again, I did have a face, but the toaster's facerecognition.exe had stopped working. But could you believe it? The toaster ran away from me! I did not like being ran away from, especially by toasters so I chased after it. The toaster was too fast for my 4m long legs, so I called the microwave for help, but the microwave was also too slow. So then, out of options, I called the friendly neighbourhood gangster cult to chase after the toaster, and they caught the toaster. They returned the toaster back to me, only to demand 25¢ from me. Yes, I did have 25¢ in my pocket right then, and I thought about getting it, but I realized that it was too much effort and it wasn't worth it, so, instead, I tried to reason with the friendly neighbourhood gangster cult, but they really wanted 25¢. They begged and pleaded me to get the 25¢, but I just couldn't! The 25¢ was still in my pocket, which I couldn't handle the excruciating effort it would take to get it! But just then, the toaster fatally stabbed me again, leaving me wondering where he got all of those knives from. Just when I was about to die, I saw mr.Death standing beside me, wanting me dead once and for all. But, as always, I said "nope" and I avoided death once again. But by the end of all of that, I had turned 6 years old! I was in so much shock and I just couldn't accept the fact that 68 years had gone by! Haha, just kidding. Of course I couldn't be 6, That was too young! In reality, right now, I am actually 3 years old, 2 years older than being 6. Did you really think I was 6 years old? Oh wait, back to my life story. After I said "nope" to mr.Death, I kicked the toaster into the bottomless pit where it descended in agonizing pain. But I still had the friendly neighbourhood gangster cult to deal with! It turned out, the 25¢ had miraculously fallen out of my pocket and landed on the floor, to be collected by the friendly neighbourhood cult of gangsters. Suddenly, I saw my mother approaching the house from her 3 month shopping trip! I forgot about the giant pool of blood in the kitchen! I raced to my door, opened the door and jumped inside my house, where I swept the blood on the floor like a maniac, just in time before she reached the kitchen. She said "Did the toaster assault you again?". I responded with "Yeah, but it got kind of annoying so I made it descend into deep agonizing pain, never to see the light of day ever again." But then, I died of old age at the ripe old age of 23.

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